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Our newly refurbished split level  library is  located immediately next to the Reception, is staffed by a dedicated Librarian and is open from 8.20 until 4.20 Monday- Thursday and 3.50 Friday.

You can access MLS, our library online, here.


Over 3000 fiction and over 7000 non-fiction titles are stocked suitable for all reading abilities and ages,  most of which may be borrowed by staff and pupils. Pupils may borrow up to 4 books at once in addition to their textbooks. A selection of magazines and newspapers is available to read in the library.

There are 5 computers and 26 laptops which may be booked for lessons or used at free times by pupils. An interactive whiteboard is available for teaching.

We have also recently updated our library hosting system to MLS which enables students to view and reserve library stock, write reviews, search for authors and can be accessed from home on your mobile phone or tablet.

All Year 7 and Y8 students are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader Programme which enables students to test their understanding of books they have read, recommends the next level and enables teachers to monitor progress. This enhances a wider vocabulary understanding and enjoyment of books both fiction and non - fiction supporting all curriculum subjects.    


The library is well-used both during lesson time for research and computer-based lessons, and in free time for homework, research and reading.


Pupil librarians are encouraged and assist with the smooth running of the library at breaks and lunchtime. Senior library assistants supervise to ensure that the library remains a pleasant environment for all pupils to work peacefully.

Homework Information Now on Parent Portal

Dear parents and carers

Did you know you can now find out what homework has been set for your children? Which teacher set it? When is the deadline? Our students should be recording their homework in their planners for you to check, however we now have another way you can monitor their workload: The Parent Portal!

1. If you have not accessed Parent Portal already: Please collect a Parent Portal form from school reception, or download one from the school website here *

2. Click the link to ‘Parent Portal’ on the homepage of the school website.

3. Enter your exclusive username and password.

4. Click the link to ‘My Children Dashboard’

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘View Homework’

6. Click on the relevant homework to see more details such as deadlines, topics, links.**

* Once a request has been made, please wait up to 4 working days for the account details to be verified, generated and posted out via Royal Mail for security reasons.

** Please note that there still may be homework set which is not on the Parent Portal. We are aiming for all tasks to be recorded there however.

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