Analytical Essay On The Incredibles

Story Dynamics

8 of the 12 essential questions

Main Character Resolve: Steadfast
Bob (Dash) maintains his essential nature while attempting to solve the story's problem.

Main Character Growth: Start
regarding Bob (Dash), the audience is waiting for something to start.

Main Character Approach: Do-er
Bob (Dash) prefers a physical solution to his problem.

Main Character Problem-Solving Style: Linear
Bob (Dash) uses linear problem-solving techniques.

Story Driver: Action
In terms of the overall plot, actions force decisions to be made.

Story Limit: Optionlock
The story climax occurs because all options have been exhausted.

Story Outcome: Success
In terms of the overall plot, the original goal is achieved.

Story Judgment: Good
Bob (Dash) ultimately succeeds in resolving his personal problems.

The Incredibles Essay-Grade 8

For most of you this will be the first time you will have ever written a formal essay for English where you are expected to select, insert and anlayse quotations to support your ideas. This is a major transition from dealing with plot, character and basic themes, and, are skills you will require for Grade 9/10 and beyond.

It is therefore crucial that we are more or less on the same page. A lesson ago we selected a quotation (from your Quotation assignment) which had been already analysed/discussed in detail. What we tried to do was to think about how that quotation fits into the question, and some of the points raised by the question. We look at PEA – Point, Example, Analysis (some teachers have different terms for this structure, but all boils down to the same thing).

Point –the start of a paragraph. Your first sentence is often called a ‘Topic sentence’, and introduces an idea that relates to the question. A couple of sentences discuss this point.

Example-usually a quotation. You introduce a quotation to support your point. Introducing a quotation to support your thoughts is a skill in itself, and we will have a lesson on this once we have the structure under control. The idea is that it should flow.

Analysis – We have actually done this in our ‘Quotation Assignment’ and we discussed the quotation in some detail. You may wish to change/add/edit this when you write your essay.


The question is:

Discuss how the film The Incredibles is about accepting differences and valuing people’s individuality.

Some of the ideas we brainstormed included

  • Fitting in –does fitting in mean loss of identity?
  • What is a hero? Are they unique individuals?
  • Marriage – does Mrs Parr accept that her husband is different and must be valued as an individual? Is she supportive
  • Normal –what does being ‘normal’mean? Is it possible to be ‘normal’ but still be an individual? Be unique?
  • Being true to yourself – what does this mean? What are the problems experienced about not being true to yourself in the film?
  • Family/siblings –differences and similarities, what makes a person unique?

1)      For each of these ideas, find a quotation from your assignment that best highlights the ideas above (select 6 quotations and analysis).

2)      Now create topic sentences for all six quotations, so you will have six paragraphs (you can include the one you did in class the other day).

3)      Do not write an introduction or conclusion-we will do this as a class together.

Select one paragraph and add it to the blog, so I can comment on your understanding and progress.

J Mayer

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