Hllc Rutgers Application Essay

Many college scholarships cater to black and brown qualified students, a strategy that helps schools establish diversity and avoid accepting pupils who are at risk of dropping out. Due to this selection, some groups of students tend to be ignored.

Newark University

Low-income pupils and urban and public high school graduates with unexceptional test scores tend to be left out in college scholarships. Rutgers University-Newark in New Jersey is focusing on these groups by offering free tuition for low- and moderate-income Newark residents and local transfer students, the Atlantic reported.

Rutgers University-Newark offers free tuition regardless of the students' GPAs and test scores while the college's new honors program doesn't rely on SAT scores for admissions. Also, students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to further develop their critical thinking and writing skills.

The school's course offerings have been developed as well. Some of the classes added to the school's course catalog are Shakespeare and Race, Literature and Controversy and Love Stories Old and New

Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor said it's unfair that these "talented students" are being dodged in the education system because of their economic status, the Atlantic added. Race and finances are often obstacles in these students' paths to getting a college education.

Honors Living-Learning Community

Rutgers-Newark's strategy is seen in its honors college called the Honors Living-Learning Community, or HLLC. The program was launched in 2015 and provides scholarships to qualified students along with housing and a meal plan. To get in, applicants must submit an essay and undergo two interviews. Standardized test scores of the students will not be measured in the HLLC.

HLLC differs from other honors colleges that use high SAT scores as basis for granting students admittance. Rutgers-Newark's median SAT score is slightly higher than the national average implemented.

HLLC picked 60 students out of the 740 who applied this year. That group is made up of Newark residents, first-generation college students, community colleges transfers, blacks and Latinos.

Scholarships Via Social Media

Social media is being used by organizations to disseminate information about scholarship offerings, according to the U.S. News & World Report. The Jain Foundation's LGMD Awareness Social Media Scholarship is one of those programs offering scholarship grants.

To be eligible for Jain Foundation's scholarship, a student must share a fact about the organizations on their Facebook account or fill out an online form. For this, you need friends to vote, share or "like" your post on Facebook and Twitter.

The higher your votes, the more likely it is that you will get the scholarship grant. It should be noted, however, that these types of scholarship offerings come with high competition.

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