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In the IEEE for journals template, I'm trying to use bibtex for my references...

A lot of authors using one of the IEEE journal templates ask for help adding their references using bibtex. In particular, after uploading the IEEEexample.bib and IEEEabrv.bib files to the bibtex/bib folder, it can be tricky to get the document to compile.

Here's a compilation of our answers which should hopefully help if you're in a similar situation, and they culminate in an example you can use as a template to get started.

Firstly, if you've uploaded the IEEEtran.cls and IEEEtran.bst files it's recommended to delete them, because they're actually built in to writeLaTeX -- you don't have to include them in your project, and it's usually best to use the built in version.

If you need to create the bibtex/bib folder, you can do so via the Project menu in the editor -- once you have opened the menu, the icons to create folders and files are on the top right.

The bibtex-generated bibliography comes from the \bibliography and \bibliographystyle commands, and assuming you're using the IEEEexample.bib and IEEEabrv.bib files in the bibtex/bib folder, these commands should be changed to:

\bibliography{bibtex/bib/IEEEabrv.bib,bibtex/bib/IEEEexample.bib}{} \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran}

This tells bibtex to load the two .bib files and use the IEEEtran bibliography style to format the references.

Note: The original commands in the template were:

\bibliography{mybib.bib}{} \bibliographystyle{plain}

which told bibtex that you want to use a file called mybib.bib for references, with the plain (built-in) style.

Finally, a common error that occurs after setting this all up is when there's no \cite command in the document that refers to any of the records in the bib file. In the example below we've added one from IEEEexample.bib:


to make it compile. You'll want to delete it once you've started adding your own citations.

Here's the example with it set up:

For more information on bibtex, we recommend the LaTeX wikibook chapter on bibliography management.

Since we are to write our reports using Latex, and the tutors want us to follow the IEEE standards, we need to use a special kind of referencing. Here is a short explanation on how to do that. I am running Linux, and KDE as desktop environment. KDE has a user friendly latex editor called Kile that I use when writing latex documents. To get the IEEE bibliography to work follow these simple steps:

Download the IEEEtran.bst and / or IEEEtranS.bst files from the IEEE pages. These two files need to be put in the texmf/bibtex/bst/ folder on your system. On my computer that folder was located at /usr/share/texmf/bibtex/bst/. I had to make the two last directories since they did not exist.

After the .bst files are in place you need to tell latex that you want to use the IEEEtran or IEEEtranS style for your bibliography. The difference of those two styles is explained in the .pdf document included in the file linked to above. I put the following line below the \documentclass line in my main.tex file:

Next you need to tell latex where you want the bibliograpy section to appear in the document. Put the following line at the location you want the bibliograph to appear:

where references is the name of the .bib file containing the bibliography entries.

The references.bib file will then contain the stuff you want to refer to in your text. If you want to refer to a couple of books, you may write:

Now, to refer to these books in your text, you simply put \cite{1} where 1 is the “id” of the first book in the references.bib file.

Hopefully this was of help to some of you out there.
Thanks to Øyvind and Stig-Erland for helping me out with this. Also thanks to Morgan who provided me with the links to the IEEE files. :)

Like this:



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