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Students are required to complete a Maths homework sheet each week.  The sheets can be printed and stuck into an homework exercise book or the answers can be just written straight into the homework exercise book.

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The older generation are often heard complaining that school has got easier for today's youngsters.

But this challenging year 7 maths homework question left an entire family scratching their heads.

The question, which asked 11-year-olds to work out a series of equations involving fractions, baffled the mother of a girl who attends a school in Springfield, Queensland.

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This challenging year 7 maths homework question left an entire family scratching their heads, but can you work it out?

The girl said it took her mother, aunt and grandmother 45 minutes to solve the brainteaser.

She added that they needed the help of the internet to find the answer to the challenging question. 

'My brain is fried now and this is the easiest year of high school,' the mother told Springfield News. 

The woman, who is studying business administration, added: 'How the hell is an 11-year-old supposed to work this out? To me, its just way too much.'

'They've been back six weeks and there has been only three days that she has actually wanted to go to school.' 

The question asked the children to work our the denominator and numerator on fractions.

The answer is: 2/8 + 2/3 = 12/48 +32/48 = 44/48 = 11/12

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