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Traditional vs. Modern Society

In today's world, the modern person is educated, independent and aggressive. To be a success, you must put forth your most competitive side and win it all. Nothing less will be permitted. This is the mindset of most business tycoons, stockbrokers and the like. However, on the other side of the globe, third world countries follow a more traditional lifestyle where the outlook on life is a little less malicious. In these countries, the society's idea of success is being part of a large family with prosperous crops and livestock. How is it that our society and theirs have both been successful? And why has the traditional way of life stayed so prevalent in such an industrialized world?

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Females do give birth to the children, but in these societies, a female is more like a piece of property than of heritage. Marriage in these societies is usually based on the best dowry, rather than being based on love like most modern marriages.

Traditional societies believe that family heritage is what holds a family together. These societies have ascriptive values, meaning to follow their family's ancestry and way of life. In modern culture, an individual has the power to decide for him/herself as to what he/she wants to attain in life - including an education, career and mate. To those of us living in a modern world, traditional societies may seem to have it rough. However, to those living the traditional way, their life is set for them. They need not worry about how powerful they will be or how much money they will make. Their life brings them security.

Medical knowledge is less than adequate in these societies, leading to much illness and a very high death rate. The infant mortality rate is overwhelmingly high, which is a reason for the high birth rates. Many infants do not make it through their first year of life before they get deathly ill - most of them do eventually die from their illness. The medical technology of modern society is so expensive to third world countries, making it extremely difficult for their society to stay healthy. Life expectancy is about 40-45 years in traditional societies.

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For centuries the institution of marriage has been a cornerstone of a traditional society, an undeniable establishment providing the best environment for family. However, in the recent times many have questioned the indispensability of marriage. Some have even gone that far as to say it is a unnecessary relict of the past, something society can do without in today’s liberal world. I disagree with such conviction.
First of all, I believe that marriage and the obvious commitment that it entails, is very valuable and beneficial in general. In some way it does, or at least it should, help preserve the relationship between a man and a woman. Marriage brings along a sense of responsibility that can help create a stronger bond between partners. Secondly, I am convinced that married couples are more likely to create a good environment for their offspring. Certainly it is very beneficial for children’s development that they know they have a mum and dad.
Above all, there are also moral and civilisational arguments which speak for the marriage. For centuries, it has been an institution that provided stabilisation and cohesion in the society. It introduces some kind of order that is so important for us human beings and our civilisation to thrive. The marriage therefore can be regarded as progress. I do not see a point why we should abandon this fundamental institution , as it would in fact constitute rather a regress than a progress.
I am aware that in our contemporary world, when traditional values are shunned and new boundaries crossed, people will be more and more inclined to reject the idea of being with one partner for life. Little do they realize that such attitudes may lead to a total decline of our civilisation.

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