Neets Mod 1 Assignment Answers To The Analysis


Prepared by: Harlem A. Agnote

occurs?1. The nucleus becomes lighter2. The atom becomes an ion

3. Light energy is emitted

4. The valence of the atom changes1-11. The number of electrons in the outermostshell of an atom determines which of thefollowing characteristics of the atom?

1. Valence

2. Atomic weight3. Atomic number4. Number of shells1-12. When an atom gains or loses an electron,which of the following terms applies?1. Unbalanced2. Lightened3. Neutral

4. Ionized

1-13. What is the main difference betweenconductors, semiconductors, andinsulators?1. The temperature differences2. The physical state of their mass

3. The number of free electrons

4. The designations of the outer shells1-14. A substance with an excess of electrons isconsidered to be in what electrical state?1. Neutral2. Positive

3. Negative

4. Discharged1-15. Which of following actions describes theeasiest way to accumulate a static electriccharge?1. Friction between two conductors

2. Friction between two insulators

3. Pressure between two conductors4. Pressure between two insulators1-16. An atom that contains 6 protons and 5electrons has what electrical charge?

1. Positive

2. Negative3. Neutral4. Intermediate1-17. How do "like" and "unlike" charges reacttoone another?1. Unlike charges repel each other, likecharges repel each other2. Unlike charges attract each other, likecharges attract each other3. Unlike charges repel each other, likecharges attract each other

4. Unlike charges attract each other, likecharges repel each other

1-18. What is/are the term(s) applied to thespacebetween and around charged bodies inwhich their influence is felt?

1. Electric field of force

2. Electrostatic field3. Dielectric field4. Each of the above1-19. Electrostatic lines of force are drawn inwhich of the following manners?1. Entering negative charge, enteringpositive charge

2. Entering negative charge, leavingpositive charge

3. Leaving negative charge, leavingpositive charge4. Leaving negative charge, enteringpositive charge1-20. Which of the following devices usemagnetism?

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